Did YOU Believe ANYTHING From The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story? We Didn’t Either! Here’s The Most Ridiculous ‘Facts’ From The Lifetime Film!

most unbelievable fatcs from the saved by the bell lifetime movie

Sooooo, did YOU watch the Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story on Lifetime yesterday?

It was a pretty crazy movie, no?

Like crazy in the sense that most of it was not entirely believable, which is understandable since it was based on Dustin Diamond‘s book Behind the Bell.

Ya know, the one that the entire cast has spoken out about, continually, as being completely and totally wrong.

Well, the story in the movie may not be entirely accurate, but it does make for some intriguing television!

However, there were some claims in that film that we just absolutely cannot even believe to be true.

Curious to see if you’re as skeptical as us? Ch-ch-check out some of our doubts…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

As a kid, Dustin could just wander into the HEAD OF NBC’s office (aka Brandon Tartikoff)? Even before Saved By The Bell was successful? We call bullshit.

kelly hairflips

That infamous ‘I’m so excited’ episode with the caffeine pills? It was all thanks to Elizabeth Berkley because she knew, at just 17-years-old that tacking serious issues on the show was important. Tiffani Amber Thiessen helped her push for serious episodes too. Mmmmm-hmmmm sure.

zach morris shoulder shrug

Dustin once knocked a smack-talkin’ brat out with two punches. Hahahahahaha.

girls throwing up slower wow

Apparently Dustin originated the ‘that’s what she said’ joke. Sure, sure, whatever you say executive producer Dustin Diamond.

girls air quote come on

Dustin was once blackmailed by someone he promised a role to on Saved by the Bell. (Who everyone thought was a figment of his imagination in the film) But, let’s be real anyone who would think SCREECH had any pull on that show, probably was imaginary.

lisa turtle eye roll

Mark-Paul Gosselaar wasn’t a natural blonde and had to dye his hair for the show. Okay, okay, that one was true — and if you CLICK HERE, you’ll learn some other awesome facts about the show that are ACTUAL facts!

mark paul waving

What was YOUR most unbelievable moment from the Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Movie???

Sep 2, 2014 11:41am PDT

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