James Franco Is BALD! Check Out His Super-Buzzed Cut Here!

james franco bald zeroville

Say it isn’t so!

You know those brown tresses that sit on top of James Franco‘s handsome head??! Well, they’re gone.

James has shaved his head — and we’re not talking about the buzzed look. The skin on his skull is as bare as a baby’s bottom.

And no, James isn’t starring in a Mr. Clean biopic, but the new and questionable look IS for a movie role.

The ultra dedicated actor took the plunge to portray Vikar in the adaptation of Zeroville — a man who is obsessed with film. The flick follows Vikar on his voyage in Hollywood in 1969 and his conversations with starlets, burglars, guerrillas, escorts, teenage punks and veteran film editors. Vikar finds himself in a the midst of a twisted mystery!

Obsessed with film, huh?! Sounds a little like the actor himself!

We’ll miss that mane on the big screen, but we must approve his dedication to his craft.

Thank goodness hair grows back! HA!

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 4, 2014 10:33am PDT

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