J.K. Rowling’s Biting Response To A Homophobic Twitter Troll Will Make You Love Her EVEN MORE!

jk rowling shuts down homophobic twitter troll and its perfect

As if we could possibly love the author of Harry Potter even MORE than we already do!

J.K. Rowling goes and does something like this and it's as if we're under a new love potion!

The brilliant author has been dealing with some annoying Twitter trolls since she's gotten more politically active, but this specific one had a problem with Albus Dumbledore, not her politics…

Ya know, because he's gay.

The troll said:

homophobic twitter troll tweet jk rowling

UGH! Such an ignorant point of view!

The man has since deleted/disappeared from the Twitterverse, but the real question is, how did she respond???

In the most magically AH-MAZING way ever, obvi.

She said:

Just in case you don't know who Brian Souter is, he's a man who funded a movement to try and stop the Scottish government from repealing Section 2A of the Local Government Act.

An amendment that was repealed in 2000 (thankfully) that stated:

'[Local authorities] shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality [or] promote the teaching in any maintain school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.'

J.K. cast Incendio and BURN, baby, BURNED that troll!

You go gurl, we love it! Dumbledore forever!

Sep 8, 2014 4:43pm PDT

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