Here’s The Shocking Video Of NFL Player Ray Rice Knocking Out His Then-Fiance In An Elevator After Spitting In Her Face

ray rice video released knocking out wife

The NFL is in some deep doo doo.

Ray Rice previously admitted to hitting and knocking out his now-wife Janay Rice, but he only got a two-game suspension despite his admission.

Well, now there's a video to backup how truly HORRIBLE the assault on her was, and it makes his punishment look like utter bullsh*t.

Though, nobody truly thought it wasn't before.

In the footage, she appears to lightly tap him outside of the elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, then once inside, Ray seems to spit on her, causing her to walk toward him, but with no arms raised. In other words, she wasn't threatening him physically. Then a swift punch to the head knocked her out cold, and he dragged Janay out of the elevator.

Seriously, it is AWFUL!

And believe it or not, Janay married Ray a month after this incident, and she was part of the reason his sentence was so low.

For what it's worth, the NFL said they never saw this video, BUT they obviously knew they effed up because right after they handed down his punishment, they made a mandatory five-game suspension rule for any domestic violence.

Domestic violence should get you banned from the sport. Any kind of violence or illegal activity should, actually.

This is just brutal and vicious, and frankly we can't believe that Rice is even able to play football this year, let alone only being suspended for two games.

One thing we know is that the fallout is already nuts!

Watch it HERE.

[Image via WENN.]

Sep 8, 2014 1:35pm PDT

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