Swoon Alert! Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Man Of Your Dreams As He Gets Wet & Shirtless For Charity!

benedict cumberbatch impersonates mr darcy and hearts break all around the world wow holy moly


What is it with Benedict Cumberbatch portraying literary figures? 

First he’s this generation’s├é┬áSherlock Holmes and now he’s emulating Mr. Darcy?├é┬á


The Imitation Game actor took part in the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign in the UK (which raises money for cancer research) and boooooy are we glad that he did! 

Seriously, just look at this picture! It’s every fangirls dream come true!├é┬á

Jason Bell, who has shot all the pictures for the campaign, has put together a collection of the most famous faces he’s shot like├é┬áLiam Neeson, Melanie C, Charlie Hunnam and more, and will display them at the├é┬áLa Galleria Pall Mall in London until September 20th!├é┬á

So better get there quick if you wanna gaze at the glory that is the actual print of this Benedict picture!

[Image via Jason Bell/Give Up Clothes For Good.]

Sep 16, 2014 11:00pm PDT

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