Snooki Wants To Honor Her Kids With A… Neck Tattoo?? Get The Inky Details From The Momma HERE!

snooki wants to honor her kids with a tattoo

Unconventional? Yes.

Totally awesome? That’s… for her to decide!

Snooki is not your typical mommy, and she’s planning on honoring her children NOT with a family photo on her living room wall!

Oh no. She’s actually thinking about getting a tattoo on her neck to commemorate her children, and her idea does sound VERY creative!

Here’s what she wrote on her website:

“The next tattoo I’m thinking can go on my neck, but I want it to resemble my kids. Every time I have a baby, I want to add to that tattoo. So I’m thinking cute little birdies on my neck with their initials.”

And for anyone who doesn’t like the ideas of any tattoos on a mother – Snooki wants those folks to chill the F out!

She wrote:

“I don’t understand the people who look at mothers who have tattoos and say you are trashy or gross. It’s just a tattoo dude, lighten up. Tattoos are beautiful and it’s a personal choice. Some people don’t like tattoos, for others it’s a form of expression. To me it’s art, it’s beautiful, and my body is just a plain canvas that I can fill it up with as much tattoos or anything I want.”

You tell ’em, girl!

We LOVE how motherhood has changed Snooki in some ways, and in other ways she’s still the same amazing person she always was!

We just can’t wait to see the actual design on this thing!

And obviously we wanna see that baby that she has on the way, as well!

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN.]

Sep 18, 2014 12:01pm PDT

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