Sarah Palin Bumbles The Address Of The White House! See This Goof In All Its Glory HERE!



Sarah Palin recently tried to throw a zinger over at President Obama and the White House’s way, but that joke turned out to be a dud when she messed up the address!

The incident happened this past Friday while Palin was at the Value Voters Summit and said during her speech that honesty was “an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.”

Well, she was close! It’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and not 1400, but hey – we all have our off days!

Even if this lady seems to have more of them than most ever do in their lives!

Sarah Palin, for her part, took the flub in stride and later tweeted:

“Doggone it! That explains why my Christmas cards keeps getting returned!”


At least she has a sense of humor regarding the whole thing!

We can’t believe this woman could’ve been only one John McCain away from being the President!

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Talk about a scary thought!

But instead of that frightening scenario, now we get to enjoy Palin’s antics without any worries!

Keep the good lines rolling, Sarah!

Check out a video of the flub down (below) !!!

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/WENN.]

Sep 28, 2014 10:31am PDT

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