GROSS! Jeopardy Gets BLASTED By Sophia Bush & All Of Twitter For THIS Super Sexist Category!

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Who would have thought that Jeopardy would ever do something like this?

On the episode last night, Alex Trebek was given an incredibly sexist and completely disgusting category to read to the contestants.

It was titled What Women Want and instead of being some sort of cute play on words/pun it was an entire category highlighting ridiculous female stereotypes.

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With one clue being ‘Some help around the house; Would it kill you to get out the Bissell Bagless canister of these every once in a while?’ it’s no wonder that it ruffled some feathers on Twitter.

One of those women, especially, was Sophia Bush who blatantly called the show out with an AH-mazing point.

She said:

YEAH! You go, Sophia! But she wasn’t alone!

A LOT of people took to Twitter to express their frustrations as well!

We just can’t even believe Jeopardy would do something as rude and thoughtless as this!

Seriously, who was it that approved that category choice???

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Sep 30, 2014 7:10pm PDT

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