Big Sean & Ariana Grande’s Relationship Is Confirmed By A Friend Close To The Couple! Find Out What The Source Dished HERE!

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We’re glad a source has finally revealed the back story behind Big Sean and Ariana Grande‘s recent PDA tour!

After the typically mum Big Sean tweeted a bunch of lovey dovey photos with Ariana, we were very confused by the rapper’s sudden change of heart.

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It turns out the release of photos were much more calculated than we had previously thought!!

A close friend of Big Sean revealed:

“They wanted to let everyone know that they are, in fact, together.”

We think Tuesday’s Revenge of the Mummy kiss was a cute and unique way to officially announce their relationship!

The source added:

“He grounds her and is a really good and positive role model in her life. Her mother really likes him. They would not be together without that approval, as Ariana is very careful who she lets in to her heart.”

…grounds her?

Well, different strokes for different folks!

Congrats on your taking your relationship public, guys!

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Oct 9, 2014 11:22am PDT

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