7th Heaven Dad Stephen Collins’ Alleged Child Molestation Victim Only Came Forward After Reading HIS Erotic Novels!

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Stephen Collins‘ therapy confession to child molestation was shocking to hear. But how did his then wife Faye Grant know to ask him about it in the first place?

It turns out the 7th Heaven star may have only himself to blame.

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In the 90s, Collins wrote a pair of erotic, 50 Shades-style novels, Eye Contact and the unfortunately named Double Exposure.

According to a source, one of Collins’ alleged victims actually read the books around the year 2000.

They must have hit a little too close to home, because that’s when she decided to write Grant an anonymous letter telling her what Collins had done to her!

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That’s why Grant confronted Collins and recorded his confession in the first place.

The alleged victim did eventually report the incident to police years later in 2012. Collins is currently under investigation for multiple counts of molestation and exposure to minors.

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Oct 10, 2014 10:17am PST

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