Amanda Bynes’ Newest Friend Thinks He’s Satan! Plus, She’s Interacting With Sam Lufti — AKA Britney Spears’ Breakdown Buddy!


The news coming from New York City involving Amanda Bynes just keeps getting worse and worse.

First she was caught shoplifting twice, then she confirmed her engagement, and now she’s got a best friend who thinks he is Satan?

This is not good, gurl. Not good at all.

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The actress has been spotting hanging around with visual artist JJ Brine who runs the VECTOR art gallery in NYC, is in a ‘Charles Manson concept band,’ owns a record company called ‘Druglord Records,’ and has dubbed himself the ‘Prince of Hell.’

Sources who were once close to the actress spoke out with their concern to Life & Style.

They said:

‘You have to sell your soul to enter his gallery. He’s ultra creepy. It’s worse than anyone knows. Amanda’s in real trouble.’

Speaking of bad influences… Not only is Amanda now friends with ‘Satan,’ but she’s been on Twitter interacting with someone who is NOT the best to be involved with!

The troubled actress has been favoriting some tweets from Sam Lufti

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Ya know the guy who was at the center of Britney Spears‘ infamous meltdown of 2007!

She’s favorited 3 different tweets:


Seriously, Amanda, gurl this guy is NOT good news!

Look how much better Brit-Brit’s life is without him! He’s nothing but bad vibes!

Get yourself away from him while you still can!

[Image via Amanda Bynes’ Twitter/FameFlyNet.]

Oct 10, 2014 11:11am PDT

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