Amanda Bynes Siblings Speak Out In Support Of Their Father Amidst Amanda’s Wild Accusations Against Him!

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Oh goodness, this is getting tricky…

Amanda Bynes accused her father of physical and mental abuse this morning on Twitter, and then she revoked the statement by saying it’s because of the microchip implanted in her head.

Well, Amanda’s siblings, Jillian O’Keefe and Tommy Bynes, have spoken out in support of their father, Rick Bynes, through their lawyer Tamar Arminak.

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They said:

‘We are disturbed beyond words that Amanda would come up with such a fabrication as a way to avoid getting much needed help or treatment. [They are] the most wonderful parents who have ever lived. We are pained by [Amanda’s] behavior but we absolutely give our full unconditional love and support to our wonderful parents.”

Ugh! This has to be such a tough time for them.

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Hopefully Amanda can come to terms with what’s happened and get some help soon.

This is just painful to see. Poor girl.

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Oct 10, 2014 5:04pm PDT

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