Creepy Clowns Are Haunting A Small California Town! It’s Like American Horror Story: Freak Show IRL!

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Twisty, is that you bro?!

You may think this town terrorization is a storyline pulled straight from Ryan Murphy‘s latest hit show, American Horror Story: Freak Show

But it’s actually a real happening that’s positively spooky!

Residents from Wasco, California have been calling police over creepy clown sightings since early October.

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Those daring enough to spot the mysterious figure have claimed to see someone dressed as a terrifying circus performer, holding a bunch of balloons and a slew of weapons — including a mallet and an axe.

Since it’s 2014, the creeptastic creature has an active social media presence HERE, posting various Instagram pics and clues as to where he plans to terrorize next.

The most chilling part of it all, is cops haven’t been able to catch or question the person in charge — and it seems like there’s more than one clown on the loose!

No one is safe…until Halloween, which will probably serve as the retirement for this looming presence!


[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 13, 2014 10:49am PDT

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