Will Smith & Tom Hardy Joining The DC Universe? Which Superheroes — Or Villains — Will They Play??

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Warner Bros. announced 10 DC superhero movies this week, and the riskiest by far was Suicide Squad.

The comic book tells the story of a team of incarcerated super-villains that the government offers reduced sentences in exchange for taking on missions they aren’t expected to live through.

None of the characters may be household names, but Will Smith and Tom Hardy are! The actors are reportedly close to signing on for the action flick.

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And Will’s Focus costar Margot Robbie may be on board as well!

What’s bringing in such big names?

An obscure team of mostly unknown characters may seem like a stretch for such big stars– until you remember that Guardians Of The Galaxy paid off big time for Marvel!

Also, with David Ayer set to direct after working with Brad Pitt on Fury, the movie is looking pretty legit!

So what DC super-villains will these stars be playing? Warner Bros. is staying quiet, but here are our best guesses:

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Will Smith may show Karate Kid Jaden Smith some moves as martial arts expert Bronze Tiger.

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Tom Hardy is likely to put his toughness AND sexiness on display as suave sniper Deadshot.

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Margot Robbie may give us a new spin on Frozen‘s Elsa as homicidal ice queen Killer Frost.

[Images via BauerGriffinOnline/DC Comics.]

Oct 17, 2014 7:15pm PDT

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