Eva Longoria Puts On The Perfect Illusion With This Billowing Blouse In Brentwood!

Eva Longoria will have you wondering if there's a baby bump thanks to this blouse!

Woah. Is there something Eva Longoria‘s hiding???

The actress was spotted leaving Hilary Clinton‘s Democratic Hollywood fundraiser dinner in Brentwood on Monday night, with what looked like a baby bump!

Except we know those don’t sprout overnight!

In actuality, Eva’s billowy blouse just so happened to blow out the exact second the photogs snapped the pic of the glowing star. What luck!

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Of course, it’s obvious it’s all an illusion once you see the waistband of her black jeans are firmly attached to her waist, inches away from where her shirt blew up.

Well, at least if this is a peek into her future, we know she’d look great preggers!!

[Image via Splash News.]

Oct 21, 2014 2:20pm PDT

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