EXCLUSIVE! Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alessi Weighs In On Renee Zellweger’s Unrecognizable Face!

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon EXCLUSIVELY weighs in on Renee Zellweger's new look!

It’s the look that’s got everyone buzzing!

Renee Zellweger made her return to the red carpet at Elle‘s annual Women In Hollywood Awards on Monday night, and she looked well, not immediately recognizable!

Despite looking extra wide-eyed, the actress also proudly showed off her fresh, dewy skin. Not to say she doesn’t look good, but after comparing her looks from the past few years, we couldn’t help but wonder if she had gone under the knife, or maybe just upped her own facial routine.

So we EXCLUSIVELY chatted with one of the country’s top plastic surgeons, Dr. Alessi, of the Alessi Institute and Face Forward Foundation, to get his very own medical opinion on her new look. While he isn’t Renee’s doctor, he brings up some very interesting points!

Q: What appears to be the extent of work done on Renee?

A: “The main thing obviously is the eyes. It would appear she’s had botox done because if you look [at older photos], she had that classic arch of the eyebrows, and that’s gone now, and the only way to get that is a browlift.

The second thing is you can see that her face is generally red — not in her neck, just in her face — so it would seem she’s had laser restructuring done (facial laser).

The other thing is she used to have a round face and now she has an oval face. So it appears that she had some of her buccal fat removed — the fat inside her cheeks. Her cheekbones are more prominent now, because she’s a little more hollowed out under the cheeks. So she probably [had that removed and] she probably had botox in her masseters — the muscles inside her cheeks. When you do that, you get a more heart-shaped, more oval-shaped face.”

Considering the most popular procedures for 45-year-old women, such as Renee, are Botox and fillers according to the Doc, it wouldn’t be a far stretch had she gotten them done.

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Especially since the last time Renee hit the red carpet was over a month ago, it would have given her enough time to heal, according to Dr. Alessi.

Do U think the nip/tuck rumors are true???

P.S. Dr. Alessi also has an incredible foundation dedicated to helping women and children who suffer abuse from gang or domestic violent. CLICK HERE to find out how you can be a part of it!

[Image via Vivien Killilea & WENN.]

Oct 21, 2014 6:04pm PDT

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