Waiting For A Secret Life Of The American Teenager Reunion?! Shailene Woodley Admits You’ll Be Waiting A VERY LONG Time!

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Shailene Woodley‘s success is AH-Mazing!

Gurlfriend is on such a whirlwind that we almost forgot she began on TV with The Secret Life Of The American Teenager!

For those teen mama fans who do remember and are longing for Shai to make her return to ABC Family, we have some bad news….

…it’s not happening…

…at least not for a VERY long time!

When asked about a possible reunion, the A-lister said:

“I cannot imagine doing TV again. I’m sure maybe one day I may be into it, but right now, this nomadic lifestyle of doing a movie and traveling feels very right.”

Anyone can understand that!

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The actress is an eccentric and curious character! She can’t be tied down to a TV filming schedule!

Shailene needs to be free to eat clay all around the world! HA!

Sorry, guys!

Oct 22, 2014 3:09pm PDT

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