Kitty Cat Given Lots Of Vodka To Save Her Life! See How That Happened HERE!

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Good thing this vet knew what to do!

And who knew vodka could actually save a life!

Missey is a four month old kitten who had a terrifying experience outside of her owner’s home in Redcar, England.

The owners of the kitty are Paul Stephenson and his 27-year-old daughter Sara and Sara was attacked with Missey last week in front of their house by a group of thugs.

The gang covered the cat in antifreeze, and even though Missey was given a bath – she started showing signs she was seriously ill the next day!

When they took the cat to the vet they were shocked to discover that one effective treatment for the kitty would be to hook it up to an IV and drip alcohol into its system! At the end of the treatment – the cat had gotten a half of liter of a bottle of 37.9 percent vodka.

And the treatment totally worked!

Here’s what Sara the owner said:

“Missey was totally blind drunk after being fed the vodka on a drip. She was treated over the course of two days and got through half a liter bottle of 37.9 percent vodka. She was trying to get up, but toppled over. Her eyes were out of focus, and when we took her home in a carry basket, her mouth had pressed up against the wire so it looked as though she had her teeth bared.”

And here’s how the vet explained the treatment:

“It is the ethanol used in this particular spirit which helps. Antifreeze is extremely toxic to animals’ kidneys, and we specifically use vodka because the ethanol in it neutralizes the substance in the poison.”

However it should be noted that this kind of treatment should not be a part of any DIY projects!

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That could prove to be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal without the help of a veterinarian.

However Missey is healthy again, and we’re so glad to hear it!

The owner Sara said:

“The change in her is amazing. She seems to be doing OK, although it is absolutely heartbreaking that someone could do this to an innocent little animal. I do not understand why anyone would go out of their way to harm Missey. She’s just a baby really, and has such a lovely temperament. You should be able to let your own cat out and not have to worry about this happening.”

We absolutely agree and we wish those hoodlums were caught and charged with the crime that they committed!

We’re sure Missey would like a meow or two with them, as well!

But the most important thing is that she’s OK these days! And it’s thanks to vodka!


Oct 26, 2014 11:42am PDT

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