A Woman Was Arrested And It Was Discovered She Was Hiding $70,000 In Her Stomach?!

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This is crazy!!!

Dominican Republic officials have made a stunning arrest that led to authorities discovering a woman had hidden over $70,000 in the most unusual of places…

…Her stomach!!!

The spokesperson of the National Drug Control Agency explained that the apprehended woman divided the money up into SIXTEEN capsules which she ingested and that the case most likely ties into drug trafficking.

The 40-year-woman landed at the airport in Punta Cana from a flight coming in from Brussels but they have NOT released the woman’s name yet.

$69,000 was also discovered in the woman’s suitcase.

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This is apparently a first for the Dominican authorities who have never caught a woman smuggling in money to a country through her stomach before.

Which means it may have happened before, but they just never caught anyone doing this before.

Although to be fair – that’s probably the last place we’d think to check, as well!

Oct 26, 2014 3:29pm PDT

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