Want To Rule Social Media Just Like Kim Kardashian? Follow These Tips & Surprising Tricks From The Kween Herself!

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Kim Kardashian may not be the #1 source for advice in certain aspects… Like, we probably wouldn’t go to her for tips on how keep your life private.

However, with an impressive 24.8 million followers on Twitter and 20.5 million on Instagram, it’s pretty safe to say we can follow her advice when it comes to social media!

Ms. West spoke at the Code Mobile conference the other day and addressed how she handles her social media, what she likes to post, and her incredibly popular Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app.

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However, it was the advice she shared about her social media activity that really caught our eyes!

She actually had some valid words of wisdom and surprised us with a couple facts about herself!!

So, if you wanna learn how to post like the Kween of the Kardashian Klan and see some surprising facts about the star then ch-ch-check out her tips (below)!!!

1. First thing first, her favorite app is Instagram. She said:

‘I’m loving Instagram. I think you can be really creative, and a little more intimate. It has more texture than just words, obviously.’

kim kardashian diamonds

2. On the same topic, however, she recommends NOT oversharing on the social media app. She limits herself to three pics in the sam place.

‘[I have] a three-image rule. In the same setting, I try not to do more than three. It oversaturates my feed.’

kim kardashian social media tips instagram

3. Next, she recommends keeping private moments private! There’s no harm in sharing certain events but she likes to keep certain things like bath time with North West private!

kim kardashian social media tips north west

4. Remember those rumors that she gets $10,000 per ad tweet she sends? Totally not true! She said:

‘I would have been tweeting every two seconds if it was true.’

kim kardashian social media tips emojis

5. Always do all your own tweeting. The star was surprised to learn that certain celebs have ‘teams’ that take care of their social media pages! Throwin’ some shaaaaaaade!

kim kardashian shade balls

6. Lastly, she shared that she doesn’t really have too many big ‘internet regrets’ (sex tape aside?). However, Kim DID say she would like to take back some online beauty tutorials she once made and posted!

kim kardashian awkward

How innnneresting! Do you agree with her tips? Were you surprised by her one internet regret?

[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 28, 2014 4:23pm PST

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