Farrah Abraham Dressed Up As Elsa From Frozen To Sell Her Sex Toys!

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That’s getting in the holiday spirit?

Farrah Abraham was recently at the Hustler store in West Hollywood, and she was promoting her own personalized brand of sex toys.

But what really made the whole event extremely bizarre was how the Teen Mom was dressed for the Halloween occasion!

She was Elsa from the movie Frozen.

And if you saw the movie, you’d know that Frozen was indeed a kids movie.

Although Farrah did NOT seem to feel any shame. She tweeted out:

“Had a blast @HustlerStores this weekend! Met amazing people & showed off my #sexy toys! Where were you?? #Hollywood”

Seems a little inappropriate to show up to an event like that dress in a costume from a movie for children! Though we suppose no kids were there and confused as to why Else was trying to sell molds of her hoo-ha.

Check out a couple more photos up (above) !!!

[Image via Twitter.]

Oct 31, 2014 10:16am PDT

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