What Are The 12 Worst Halloween Candies EVER? See Our List & Let Us Know If You Agree HERE!

worst halloween candies ever

Halloween is almost here and that brings up the very important topic of…


Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to their favorite Halloween candies, but we think the entire world can agree that candy corn is the WORST.

Seriously, if you like candy corn you might wanna stop reading now cause that stuff is just straight up gross!

But what other candies join our list of things you do NOT want in your pumpkin basket?

Well, there’s a whoooooole list of things we would not be happy to receive.

Ch-ch-check out our list and let us know if you agree (below)!

As we said before: CANDY CORN IS THE DEVIL OF ALL CANDY. The. Worst.

worst halloween candy ever candy corn

How about those Mary Janes? They’re old and rarely seen, sometimes you come across one and it’s that one candy you totally ignore.

worst halloween candy ever mary jane

What about Bit O Honey, another oldie but not a goodie. Yuuuuck.

worst halloween candy yuck bit o honey

Charleston Chews? More like Charleston Chew-And-Spit-Out.

worst halloween candy ever charleston chews

Good N Plenty are kinda hit or miss, some people out there like them. But the majority would rather eat brussels sprouts.

worst halloween candy ever good n plenty

For those that don’t like spice, the jawbreaker-like Fireballs were the worst!

worst halloween candy ever fireballs

Jordan Almonds are mainly a candy one sees at weddings, but sometimes people hand out these at Halloween and we just have to ask… WHY?

worst halloween candy ever almond things

Is there ANYONE who likes Smarties? Like they were okay when you were 5 or younger, but nowadays? No thank you!

worst halloween candy ever smarties

Necco Wafers? More like Never-Put-Them-Near-Our-Mouths Wafers!

worst halloween candy ever necco wafers

Circus Peanuts are those cardboard-trying-to-be-marshmellow candies that no one likes.

worst halloween candy ever circus peanuts

Have you ever had fun posing with ‘Wax Candy Lips‘ cause those are almost as bad as candy corn.

worst halloween candy ever wax lips

Last but certainly not least are Raisins. Technically not a candy, BUT a very frequent ‘treat’ (using this term lightly) found in Halloween bags. Gross.

worst halloween candy ever raisins


Oct 31, 2014 11:03am PDT

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