This Woman Believes Monster Energy Drinks Hide Their Satanic Love In Plain Sight! She Might Just Convince You Too…

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But we hope not, because come on.

We think it’s safe to assume you’ve at least heard of, if not actually tasted, a Monster energy drink.

Such is the reach of Satan’s grasp…

According to this God-fearing, Christian woman at least! She’s unraveled Monster’s dark secret… an alliance with the dark prince!!

Did you know that Monster’s “M” logo looks a lot like “666” in Hebrew?

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Or that there’s a secret cross in the “O” in “Monster” and when you drink from the can, it’s “bottoms up” and the cross is now inverted?

They might as well tape Lucifer’s business card to the front of each can!!

We won’t even get into how MILFs come into play! LOLz!

Check out the video (below) and prepare to be seriously entertained and possibly led down the road to perdition.

Nov 10, 2014 5:42pm PDT

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