Munchkin The Teddy Bear Dog Is The CUTEST Thing In The Entire World!!

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Munchkin the Shih Tzu isn’t your average dog.

Actually, she’s almost more bear than she is dog!

Her owner Cindy Roth did the greatest thing anyone could’ve ever done… she dressed her pup up like a teddy bear!

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Munchkin is so impossibly cute as a teddy bear it almost hurts to look at her.

Wish you could make your pup this cute?? You CAN! Cindy shared how-to instructions:

1. Measure your dog in the front from feet to top of head (Munchkin is 14″).

2. Get a teddy bear in similar color to your dog in their size.

3. Cut the face off, cut the bottom of the feet off, cut open the back.

4. Take all the stuffing out except for the arms. Bear only goes on front part of their body/legs and back half is exposed.

5. Put a string or velcro through the back behind the neck to tie/close

We definitely expect to see lots more teddy-dogs popping up on the internet in the future!

Check out the video (below) to see this teddy bear doggy and experience the pure cuteness.

[Image via Facebook.]

Nov 11, 2014 1:22pm PDT

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