Prince Takes His First EVER Selfie Then Graces The Internet With Its Presence!

prince post selfie facebook two pics wow

Who’d ever thought that we’d be treated to this kind of thing!

Prince may have joined Twitter and graced the world with his presence awhile ago, but who knew he’d gift Facebook with his first selfie!

The iconic singer, who is known for being incredibly private, posted the pictures for all the world to see.

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However, one ‘normal’ selfie wasn’t enough for him, he put up the same snap but one had a very Prince twist (above)! LOLz!

He posted the pics along with a very existential thought:


So, what prompted the Purple Rain singer to share his mug for all the world to see?

Who knows, who cares, we’re just happy he did it!

[Image via Prince’s Facebook.]

Nov 11, 2014 7:04pm PDT

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