‘Drunk Girl’ From Viral Video Hoax Apologizes For Anyone Who Was Harmed, Says SHE Feels Duped Too!

Jennifer Box apologizes for her pranks

Recently, a video went viral of a girl who appeared to be drunk, asking people for help on Hollywood Blvd.

In the video (which has now been made removed), men appear to try and take advantage of her, which is NOT cool, so there was a ton of backlash.

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Well, it turns out the entire thing was a hoax, and the video has been removed from YouTube, but that didn’t stop some of the participants from getting in trouble.

One man, Mike “Mokii” Koshak, was roped into being a part of the charade, not realizing that people would think he was being creepy, instead of a part of a joke. Unfortunately for him, he was wearing a shirt and hat from his employer LA Epic, and his bosses were NOT happy!

Now, the actress in the video, Jennifer Box, has released her own apology to anyone who was hurt or offended (below).

Pranks are awesome, but only if everyone ends up being in on the joke. Hopefully this group of jokesters learned their lesson.

Nov 18, 2014 7:01pm PDT

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