Canadian Woman Who Gave Birth Unexpectedly In The United States Faces A Million Dollar Hospital Bill!

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This seems excessive!

A Saskatchewan woman is considering bankruptcy after she unexpectedly gave birth to her child in Hawaii, and was then awarded a medical bill worth nearly a million dollars!

Here’s the story:

Jennifer Huculak was about six months pregnant when she delivered her child prematurely while vacationing in Hawaii. Her daughter then had to stay there about two months from all the complications in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Afterwards, Jennifer was given a bill of about $950,000 — and her family has no means to pay such a figure!

And the messed up part is she HAD insurance! She said:

“We were told we were covered. We paid our premium. We obviously still feel that Blue Cross should cover the bill. It’s a very sad position to be in. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody… As of March, Blue Cross pretty much washed their hands of the whole case. We’ve just kind of been sitting ducks not knowing what to do.”

Give us a break with this, Blue Cross! Are you kidding us?? Doing the right thing is reason enough to do this, let alone to avoid the sh*tstorm as the story gains traction!

It’s extremely ridiculous that this HUGE bill is marring the miraculous birth and survival of her child, and it definitely does not seem morally right!

The good news is that their daughter Reece is doing VERY well, and no matter what – that’s the most important thing here!

Hopefully they can figure this out! Especially since it was the woman’s doctor who gave her the OK! She said:

“My doctor felt my pregnancy was stable. Who can pay a $900,000 bill, not to mention the $30,000 it cost us to live down there? We’re still paying catch up from that… I don’t know what I could have done differently. We thought we did everything right.”

Good luck to this family in sorting out this bills related mess!

Nov 19, 2014 3:20pm PDT

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