Watch Ray Rice’s Wife Janay Speak Out After He’s Reinstated To Play In The NFL

Janay Rice talks about her husband beating her

After Thanksgiving, a judge ruled that Ray Rice was to be reinstated into the NFL after he was suspended for knocking out his now-wife Janay Rice in an Atlantic City elevator.

And since the legal proceedings are over, Janay gets to tell her side of the story now.

On Monday, she confirmed to Today‘s Matt Lauer that it was the first time Ray had ever hit her, and that she feels betrayed by the Baltimore Ravens for letting her husband go.

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Janay also goes into detail about seeing the first tape, but refusing to see the second one because it was such a painful moment for them.

In the interview (below), Janay sounds extremely sincere, but there are still some aspects that are bothering people. Like, why would Ray spit in the face of his childhood sweetheart just because she grabbed for his phone? And how come he carelessly flopped her unconscious body out of the elevator instead of carrying her and making sure she was okay after he knocked her out?

The important thing is that she sounds like she and Ray are doing well, and we truly hope they are!

Ch-ch-check out the story, in Janay’s words, and tell us your thoughts (below)!

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Dec 1, 2014 12:54pm PDT

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