The Rocky Horror Show Is Finally Getting A Sequel!

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In 1973, Richard O’Brien gifted the world with the stage musical The Rocky Horror Show, later rechristened Rocky Horror PICTURE Show when it made the jump to the silver screen.

Now the mad scientist is bringing his creation full circle as the movie’s sequel is finally coming to the stage!

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If you’ve never seen 1981’s Shock Treatment, you may be in for a treat… ment.

Both the play and the film of Rocky have been running in theaters ever since all around the world, but the movie’s sequel didn’t exactly find the same niche.

But could that be because it was ahead of its time?

The story is all about a nightmare of being trapped in TV show versions of real life in a studio where the audience isn’t allowed to leave.

O’Brien (who you might know as Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror film) thinks the show will finally find its audience in the age of reality TV. He says:

“Everybody is fed up with these reality shows… [They’re] cheap, childish and thoughtless.”

We may not be tired of reality TV just yet, but we can love something and make fun of it at the same time! Obvi!

Shock Treatment will premiere at the King’s Head theater in London in Spring 2015. Can’t wait!

Dec 1, 2014 11:54am PDT

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