The Walking Dead‘s Mid-Season Finale Ends With The Most Heartbreaking Death EVER! GIF Recap HERE!

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Wow. We need a moment to recover from last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Good thing we have a couple months til the second half of the season airs! (LOL. Or not.)

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BUT WOW. Last night’s episode was something ELSE. Though, it wasn’t that throat-slitting season premiere, it was definitely heart-shattering!

The viewers had to say goodbye to a MAJORLY beloved character!

None other than… BETH!

NOOOOOOO! But how did it happen? Well, we’ve got the GIF recap for those who want to relive the episode or just don’t have time to watch the whole thing (below)!!!

The episode starts with the cop that knocked out Sasha running away, hoping he’s going to break free of the groups imprisonment.

Not a chance when Ruthless Rick Grimes is in charge! The cop doesn’t stop running, so the leader of the group does the only logical thing to do and hits him with his car…

the walking dead mid finale recap rick hitting car

And then shoots him because YOU CAN’T GO BACK! Brutal, man.

the walking dead mid finale recap rick shoots cop

While Rick is off trusting no one and killing everyone, Michonne, Judith, Carl are safe in the church, but Gabriel decides to go off on his zombie gap year and discover what the world is like.

the walking dead mid finale recap gabe gap year

Newsflash, it’s the Apocalypse, people eat other people. It sucks, man.

So, this finally gives Gabe a reality check and he goes running back to the church that is boarded up completely and he’s LOCKED OUT.

the walking dead mid finale recap michonne saves gabe

Michonne and Carl, being good people, decide to open the doors (with a convincing acting job from the Judith baby doll double), and they end up losing the church because of Gabe.


Meanwhile, Rick and the gang are planning on how they’re going to present the whole situation to Dawn and the other police officers at the hospital.

Planning commences and Beth and Dawn have a heart to heart at the hospital about surviving in this world and all that.

We then see Michonne, Carl, Judith, and Gabe about to be come a feast for the zombies when ABRAHAM TO THE RESCUE with the fire truck!

the walking dead mid finale recap abraham to the rescue

News is broken to Maggie that they’ve found Beth and she’s indeed alive. (Bittersweet moment, gurl)

the walking dead mid finale recap beths alive

Back at the hospital, Dawn and Beth have another conversation that gets overheard by another cop, he threatens to expose them so they fight.

Moments after Beth insisted to Dawn that she wouldn’t kill anyone, she does!

1 the walking dead mid finale recap beth kills the guy

Killing takes a toll on Beth, because OBVIOUSLY, so the head of the hospital crew tries to reassure he that everything is fine with alcohol but it doesn’t numb the pain.


Tyreese and Sasha talk about when they were younger, the group presents their plan to the other police officers who show up, they intimidate them, yadda, yadda, yadda, here comes the action.

Rick and the crew show up to the hospital, there’s words exchanged, they trade people: cops for Beth and Caro. And then Dawn drops the bombshell.

1 the walking dead mid finale recap noah come back

She wants Noah back. Well, Beth ain’t havin’, Noah concedes and is like ‘whatever girl, you’re safe now’ but (again) Beth is not about that life.

So she says some final words to Dawn, takes out her hidden scissors to stab her and…

1 the walking dead mid finale recap beth stabs her


1 the walking dead mid finale recap shooting beth


1 the walking dead mid finale recap daryl shoots dawn

NOOOOOOOO! Daryl’s crying now. NOOOOOOOO.

1 the walking dead mid finale recap daryl crying

Rick’s freaking out, the girl they gave up tells them not to shoot and let’s the group walk out of the hospital only to find that Maggie, Glen, Abraham and the rest of their people have arrived.

Just in time for Maggie to see Daryl carrying Beth’s dead body.

1 the walking dead mid finale recap beth dead maggie collapse

Talk about heartbreaking.

The episode then seemingly ends, but WAIT, that’s not all! Viewers are then shown that Morgan is indeed still tracking the group, he’s just SLIGHTLY behind them.

1 the walking dead mid finale recap beth morgan

So, for the next half of season, there’s a lot of questions to be answered..

Will Maggie finally break down after losing her father AND little sister? Where will the group find refuge? Will Morgan finally catch up to them? If he does, will we see a changed man or is he still insane in the membrane?

Looks like we’ll have to wait until February 8th, when the second half of the season premieres, to start getting answers!

BLEH. What did YOU think of last night’s finale?

Dec 1, 2014 12:50pm PDT

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