Big Changes Are Happening At Starbucks! Including Mobile Ordering & More Food Items!

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Starbucks seems to be the king of coffee chains, and one of the ways they are able to hold on to that crown is by coming up with new and innovative changes every now and then!

Well, Starbucks is up to that kind of stuff again, and the changes they’re talking about are super exciting!

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For instance the coffee titans are talking about introducing a way to order your favorite drinks at a Starbucks with your mobile smartphone that will debut sometime in the next year, but that’s not all!

Not by a long shot!

The company is also talking about offering even MORE sandwiches and snacks that they hope will help speed up their lines, and may even start selling wine which everyone in the world knows goes super well with coffee, ha!

And, perhaps most exciting, some Starbucks stores may be delivering your coffee to your home! A move that may be available in some stores by late 2015!

We’re definitely down with that!!!

All of these plans have been laid out to hopefully increase sales at Starbucks over the next five years, and according to some numbers their breakfast sandwiches have already witnessed a 30 percent increase!

They have a long ways to go though since their food sales only represent about 2 percent of the fast foods lunch market.

But if anyone can do it – it’s this coffee super chain!!!

Dec 7, 2014 4:33pm PDT

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