Cyber Attack Makes Sony Owned Crackle Delay Hacker Movie The Throwaways!

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This kind of makes a lot of sense.

Although we bet the starring actors James Caan and Kevin Dillon won’t be happy about this!

Crackle, which is owned by Sony Pictures, will be delaying the release of a movie that initially seems like it is VERY similar to what just happened to them!

The hacker movie is called The Throwaways and one individual inside the company explained that they believe it would not be “appropriate” to release a movie about hacking computers when Sony Pictures is in such a mess because of a cyber attack on their servers.

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However the movie is NOT dead in the water!

One source believes the movie is just being rescheduled for sometime in January when hopefully things will have settled down by then.

The movie was due to be released on Crackle on December 19th.

The movie’s synopsis is as follows:

“Director Tony Bui‘s thriller centers on a hacker (Sam Huntington) who is apprehended by the CIA and forms a team of renegades to help the organization capture its most dangerous targets.”

So not exactly the SAME thing that happened to Sony Pictures!

But they probably just don’t even want to think about hacking and cyber attacks until they can figure out their own mess which has included the release of some embarrassing emails, leaked movies and scripts, and the release of a lot of other confidential information.

This movie actually seems pretty interesting though so we hope they release it eventually!

Although we’re not sure when exactly all this cyber attack hack controversy is actually going to go away!

[Image via Crackle.]

Dec 14, 2014 5:01pm PDT

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