Taylor Swift’s Perfection Gets Its Very Own Exhibit At L.A.’s Grammy Museum!!

Taylor Swift got her own exhibit at the Grammys museum for her 25th birthday!

For YEARS we’ve been saying that Taylor Swift is SO perfect that she belongs in a museum, and it’s FINALLY happening!!

Well, sort of…

The Shake It Off singer recently celebrated her 25th birthday with all of her A-list BFFs, and the Grammys museum in Los Angeles decided to mark her big day by giving her her very own exhibit!

That’s right, Swifties! From now until May 10th, you can make your way to L.A. Live and get your fill of Tay Tay memorabilia at the appropriately named, The Taylor Swift Experience!

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Associate curator Nwaka Onwusa commented on the exhibit, saying:

“She’s so relevant and so important and integral to the music industry and the way that it’s changing. You can’t deny her importance.”

We couldn’t agree more!

So what kind you find in this wonderful exhibit? Well it has everything from outfits and instruments used from her Red tour to an interactive portion in which attendees are encouraged to dance to Shake It Off!

We have to admit, it’s pretty freaking cool that the Grammys decided to make her the YOUNGEST artist to get her own exhibit at the museum, we have to wonder how they’ll top this for her birthday next year! LOLz!

Dec 15, 2014 11:30pm PDT

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