Sony Salary Hacking Is Making It Hard On The Studio To Negotiate Contracts These Days!

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Any type of leverage is helpful.

Even if that leverage came from a ton of leaks that happened because of a cyber attack!

Sony is smack dub in the middle of renegotiating contracts with a lot of their stars and their behind the scenes people but they have been getting raked at the bargaining table, and it’s all because of that awful cyber attack that leaked how much everyone makes at that company!

Which is especially bad at a Hollywood studio where many employees judge themselves by how much they make, and thus when they find out their co-worker makes more than them, they’re going to want to make as much as that person!

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As the contract renewal process continues, one source claimed that Sony’s top brass has been “getting nailed to the wall” as their employees use the leaked information as leverage in the negotiating process.

While some apparently have NO problem using this leaked information, at least one executive there apparently does not think it’s morally correct to use stolen information to make more money.

But in a cutthroat business like Hollywood – anyone that doesn’t use as many advantages as they can get – may have trouble succeeding in Tinseltown!

Dec 27, 2014 1:28pm PDT

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