Serial‘s Elusive Jay Wilds Breaks His Silence! Find Out What He Had To Say About The Case & More HERE!

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It FINALLY happened! Jay Wilds is speaking out for the FIRST time!

For all you Serial fans out there (and there are MANY), you know that Jay is the podcast’s big fish, so to speak.

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Listeners desperately want to know what involvement the tight-lipped Wilds had in the murder of Adnan Syed‘s ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Adnan was charged with the crime in 1999 and he’s currently serving a life sentence in Maryland.

Unfortunately for Serial‘s rabid conspiracy theorists, Jay has remained quiet, until today.

In the EXTENSIVE interview, Adnan’s former friend reveals specific details about how (and why!) he allegedly helped Syed bury Hae’s body, among other shocking details.

Jay even went on to hint at premeditation on Adnan’s part, saying:

“We were in the car, we were riding, smoking. He just started opening up. It’s in the evening after school, we never hung out in the morning. Just normal conversation like, ‘I think she’s f–king around. I’m gonna kill that bitch, man.’ Nothing real pointed or anything, not like, ‘I know his name,’ or ‘I caught her.’ But I just thought he was just shooting off like everyone else shoots off when they’re mad at their girlfriend.”

Wow. The murder convict’s attitude through the eyes of Jay seems A LOT different than the affable portrait Serial producer, Sarah Koenig, painted.

It’s also interesting to note that Jay claims Sarah “painted a highly misleading portrayal of him and his role in the case.”

Woah, that’s quite the claim!

Luckily for us insatiable fans of the podcast, part two of Wilds’ interview is set to be released sometime in the near future.

Hmm, we must admit we find the timing of Jay’s interview especially curious considering Adnan’s appeal is headed to the courts very soon on January 7th.

Read the full and ENTHRALLING interview HERE!

[Image via The Intercept.]

Dec 29, 2014 6:40pm PDT

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