Police Buy A Man’s Meal Before Later Arresting Him In A Fatal Stabbing Incident!

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Two police officers thought they were doing a good deed this last Wednesday when they responded to a call to a Phoenix IHOP where a man named Mykel Cantrel Cooper had bought and ate a meal without paying for it.

When the cops arrived they realized that the man had mental health issues and decided to do a good deed for the man by buying his meal for him.

And they thought that would be the last thing they had to do with the man.

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However, when they brought the man to a mental health facility, Cooper told the staff that he had “done something bad” to his roommate.

Well, those same cops then went to Cooper’s apartment where they found the body of Steven Horkovy — who was Cooper’s roommate.

Police now believe Horkovy was stabbed by Cooper on December 30th and had been there until the cops finally found him!

Cooper was subsequently arrested on suspicion for first-degree murder and had his bail set at $1 million.

Which we’re assuming the police will NOT be paying this time around!

[Image via Phoenix PD.]

Jan 7, 2015 4:49pm PDT

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