Bill Cosby Is Called An ‘Arrogant Piece Of Sh*t’ At His Ontario Show

Bill Cosby is heckled by protestors

The people are speaking out!

For weeks we’ve been hearing from woman after woman claiming that Bill Cosby raped, drugged, and/or molested them in some way, but the comedian is still on tour making his fans laugh!

And he doesn’t seem phased at all!

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In fact, during his Friday show in Ontario, Canada, nearly 30 people stood up and chanted “We believe the women,” and another person shouted that Cosby was an “arrogant piece of sh*t.”

But instead of being shaken by the remarks, Bill stayed calm and told his fans that they should let the protesters vent, they should be prepared for trouble, and they should remain calm.

How zen of him!

Meanwhile, hecklers were met with nothing but support for Bill from other concertgoers, who were received with applause from the rest of crowd.

And yes, the protesters were all escorted out of the building.

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]

Jan 10, 2015 1:56pm PDT

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