Koalas Treated With Mittens After They Were Burned From Australian Brushfires! See How You Can Help These Amazing Critters HERE!

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Now this is some paw protection!

As Australian brushfires rage across some parts of the continent, the animals usually stuck in this literal line of fire are koalas!

And now the International Fund for Animal Welfare needs everyone to do their part so they can help these poor injured creatures.

Recovering koalas rescued from these brushfires usually have burn injuries on their paws, and one of the ways they treat those injuries is with mittens.

But the supply for the materials for these mittens is in high demand, which is why a campaigner for the IFAW is asking the general public to help if they can!

Here’s what campaigner Josey Sharrad said:

“Just like any burns victim, koalas’ dressings need changing daily, meaning a constant supply of mittens is needed by wildlife carers. Some burned koalas can take up to a year to fully recover…Maybe you have some old cotton sheets or tea towels – just check that the material is 100 percent cotton . . . these mittens are simple to make even if you’ve never sewn before. Just check out IFAW’s koala mitten pattern.”

Sounds pretty simple to us!

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And it also sounds like taking only a few minutes from your day to scrounge up these materials and sew them up could really help these koalas!

You may even be saving a few of their furry lives!

And wouldn’t that be a wonderful feeling!

Get more information on how you can help by clicking HERE!

Jan 10, 2015 2:27pm PDT

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