Lacey Chabert LOVED Hanging With These Mean Girls Co Stars At Their Reunion! But Which Star Did She Very Noticeably NOT Mention?!

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“So much fun!”

That’s how Lacey Chabert described on Thursday the Mean Girls reunion that took place a couple of months ago.

But while Lacey did name drop a couple of her co-stars, many have noticed the one name that she conspicuously did NOT say.

In the interview, Lacey talked about that November reunion and how she loved seeing Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried again.

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However, as you might have noticed, Lindsay Lohan was definitely not mentioned in the “loved seeing” category.

Here’s what Lacey said:

“Rachel, Amanda and I getting together — it was so lovely to reconnect again. We email and text. After the shoot, it was like we got back together again. So we decided to catch up on each other’s lives.”

And while Tina Fey was also not mentioned by Lacey Chabert – that omitted name is easier to explain since Tina, who wrote the screenplay for the film, only had a small part in the actual movie. It wasn’t like she was a mean girl or anything, but Lindsay most definitely was!

However these interviews are sometimes so tedious and draining – it could be possible that Lindsay’s name just slipped Lacey’s mind and the omission was not done purposefully.

But we’re not convinced that’s what happened here although we doubt Lindsay will mention this possible slight anytime soon.

She’s usually pretty occupied with her own life!

Jan 10, 2015 3:59pm PDT

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