Kosher Market Worker Who Saved 15 Hostages In Paris Was Detained By Police For 90 Minutes Before They Let Him Help!

french worker saved people held for 90 minutes

WOW. This is absolutely heroic yet a totally crazy story.

Lassana Bathily worked at the Hyper Cacher market in Paris, France where the hostage crisis took place last week.

The man, a Muslim from Mali, was the one responsible for saving about 15 people by locking them into the basement freezer and turning off the power and lights.

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The 24-year-old worker stayed with the hostages until later in the siege he decided to try and escape through the freight elevator.

Bathily explained during an interview with BFMTV:

“We were locked in there. I told them to calm down, not make any noise, or else if he hears that we’re there, he can come down and kill us.”

When the other people decided against trying to escape with him, Bathily left on his own, escaping successfully, and then encountered the police — who proceeded to hold him on the ground, put his hands on his head, and then placed him into handcuffs (all reasonable) about for an hour and a half (wait, what??).

Bathily, thankfully, managed to convince the police that he was NOT one of the militants that took over the shop and manage to help them with their siege against the shop.

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In fact, he helped them plan a LARGE part of their operation because he knew the layout of the shop and could tell them whether they would harm hostages or not. He even had the key to the metal gate in the front!

Thankfully the police eventually trusted Bathily, though we’re surprised it took them an hour and a half to do so!

That was precious time wasted!

However, we’re just happy that the end of the story is a good one and that the Kosher market worker was able to help the police minimize casualties in the attack — even if one of the attackers managed to escape.

What do YOU think about the whole story and Bathily’s heroic actions?

Jan 12, 2015 7:16pm PDT

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