Poisoned Beer Kills OVER 60 At Funeral In Mozambique — And Crocodiles Might Be To Blame??

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This is just terrible!!

In Mozambique, in Southern Africa, at least 69 people have been killed by poisoned beer.

49 others were admitted to hospitals in the northeastern Tete province and another 146 have reported to hospitals to be examined for poisoning!

How did all of this happen??

A traditional Mozambican beer, Pombe, made from millet or corn flour, was imbibed at a funeral.

It’s believed that the beer was poisoned with crocodile bile at some point during the funeral! What kind of sicko would do that?!

People didn’t start getting sick off the beer until the afternoon, so the beer must’ve been poisoned when people were at the cemetery… but that’s about all the authorities know.

No motives or anything have been released or even guessed at yet.

Even the woman who brewed the beer is dead!

That’s just so sad and awful. People were trying to mourn and show their respect and all they got was poisoned.

We really hope those struggling in hospitals make a full recovery!!

Jan 12, 2015 2:39pm PDT

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