Kristen Stewart DOES Give A F*ck! In Fact, She Gives A LOT Of F*cks, Despite What Everyone Thinks!

Kristen Stewart may act like she doesn't care, but she really does!

Who knew?!?

Everything from Kristen Stewart‘s messy hair to her notoriously casual attire screams “I don’t give a f*ck.”

And we’ve always assumed it was her care-free attitude that got her through the Twilight frenzy, her extremely public cheating scandal, and all that relationship drama with Robert Pattinson!

But everyone who thought that about the actress was dead wrong.

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When asked about her DGAF persona, she revealed:

“I’m like, actually, no one gives a fuck like me. No one gives more of a fuck than me. It’s just ironic to me. I’m always like, really?”

This sheds a whole new light on the 24-year-old!!

And as for why she’s turned from major blockbusters to indie movies? She was never going for the box office hits to begin with!

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Kristen explained:

“I have not always been completely comfortable being shoved into the brightest, most blinding spotlight you can imagine├óΓé¼┬ªI had no idea Twilight was going to be a big deal, it blew up. People always ask if I chose the projects I’ve chosen because I’m trying to redefine myself or people’s perception of me. Uh, no. In a word, nah.”


And she wonders why people think she doesn’t care…

What do YOU think of the Still Alice star’s latest claims???

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Jan 14, 2015 1:13pm PDT

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