EXCLUSIVE! Dangerous Liaisons: Are Kylie Jenner & Tyga A Match Made In Heaven?! Famed Astrologer Terry Nazon Gives Us The Inside Scoop!

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Someone needs to get Kris Jenner on the phone stat!!

Kris’ youngest child, Kylie Jenner, is clearly dating rapper Tyga (despite the family’s denial) and truth be told, we’re a little worried about this pairing.

Not only is it illegal for Kyles to be dating the 25-year-old rapper, but Tyga brings A LOT of baggage to the table.

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So, we asked famed astrologer, Terry Nazon, to analyze the star-crossed lovers’ signs… and guys, it’s NOT good.

Here’s what Terry had to say about this “intense love affair”:

“Young love is a beautiful thing as long as their hearts haven’t been hardened and life hasn’t toughened their young feelings. Young people throw themselves into love with great abandon. Unfortunately, or fortunately in our society we set age restrictions in order to protect minors who may or may not be mature enough to handle intense love affairs. The relationship between young Kylie Jenner and Rapper Tyga is an intense love affair.”

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Wow, we’re not sure if Kylie needs any more intensity in her life!

As for Ms. Jenner, Nazon added:

“As a Leo Kylie Jenner is looking for a best friend, a buddy and someone to rebel with. She needs to come and go freely and like every Leo loves the night life. He isn’t that open minded to let his girlfriend have even a girls night out. He can be controlling and prone to jealousy. He is in short a fabulous hustler and no doubt is controlling and manipulative but what Scorpio isn’t, ask her mother Kris Jenner, a Scorpio. They all deny it, but we know they need to possess and control every aspect in their lives and the lives of the people around them. Kylie is a sweet compliant girl, trying to find herself. She is someone who got swept off her feet with a big love, big promises and bigger gifts.”

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So, how does the pair match up?

“The karma between Kylie and Tyga, is fascinating and enthralling for the both of them but it’s not forever and it’s not the good kind of karma, it’s bad karma. There are arguments, frequent bouts of each one can take turns ignoring the other. Two fixed zodiac signs like Leo Kylie and Scorpio Tyga will have frequent disagreements, and run to their proverbial boxing corners for a much needed time out.

They both can rub each other the wrong way. He’s got lots of experience under his belt in the sack and could make any woman scream in the bed. By the way, he loves being a ladies man. Oh, he’s tried to behave, maybe. There will be pressure on Tyga in 2015 as this relationship and personality conflicts continues to damage his reputation and career well into 2015. He’s too much to handle for this cute Los Angeles princess. She’s out of her league and playing in the wrong sandbox. The clock is ticking on this star crossed duo. Kylie needs to run not walk to the nearest exit.”

Did y’all hear that?! Kylie is playing in the WRONG SANDBOX!

Sheesh, this relationship seems like bad news all around!

So, do YOU agree with Terry’s assessment?

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[Image via Terry Nazon/Instagram.]

Jan 14, 2015 12:56pm PDT

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