Jennifer Aniston Is Taking Her Oscar Nomination Snub In Stride As She Reveals Her Next Move! She’s Going To DIRECT A Movie!

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Love this!!!

Jennifer Aniston recently found that she was snubbed for an Oscar this year for her incredible work in Cake, but she won’t be thinking about that for very long apparently.

You know, because this Friends alum is already thinking about the future of her career!

During last night’s premiere of her movie, she said she’s about to embark on a movie project which she will be DIRECTING!!!

Which is awesome, though even Jen admits it may be a while before the movie hits theaters.

Here’s what she said:

“We’re going to make it happen, but I have a lot of time. We’re just beginning.”

Oh snap! That’s SO exciting!

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This won’t be her FIRST directing job, as she’s directed a short film and a television segment before, but it will be her first time directing a feature film.

She revealed she almost directed a movie that would’ve starred Patricia Clarkson about two years ago, but that sadly fell through!

Here’s what Jennifer recently said about that disappointment:

“It fell through. A job that I committed to that we didn’t think was going to happen ended up happening and so it was heartbreaking.”

We are incredibly excited to see what Jen comes up with!

And while she’s looking ahead towards the future, don’t believe for a second she isn’t incredibly proud of her work in the movie Cake despite her Oscar snub.

She’s so cool and down to earth and yet also ridiculously talented! How many movie stars can say that with a straight face?!

Jan 15, 2015 7:30pm PDT

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