Phew! Farrah Abraham’s Crazy Swollen Lips Have Been Fixed! See The New Results HERE!

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Wow, we’re so relieved!

Thankfully for our eyes and Farrah Abraham‘s face, the reality star’s CRAZY swollen lips are finally back to normal after a botched January 6 surgery.

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At a hosting gig on Saturday night, the Teen Mom‘s glossed smackers looked proportional and surprisingly AVERAGE!

According to Farrah, the insane swelling occurred when her doctor ATTEMPTED to put in the lip implant. Since the medicine administered during the procedure caused a horrific allergic reaction, the plump piece was never actually inserted.

We’re glad Abraham’s body has recovered from the allergic reaction and we hope she learned a valuable lesson from the terrible experience!

[Image via Getty Images/Instagram.]

Jan 19, 2015 12:50pm PDT

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