Five-Year-Old Boy Gets A BILL In His Backpack… For Missing Classmate’s Birthday Party! WHAT?!?

five year old gets invoice for missed birthday party what the hell

Is this… a joke? This has to be a joke, right? RIGHT?

A family in Plymouth, England got the surprise of a lifetime when their child, Alex Nash, came home from school with a bill in his backpack (above).

The bill was school related, right? Something with school lunches? A field trip, perhaps? NOPE!

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The invoice in the backpack was sent from Alex’s classmate’s mother because he missed her son’s birthday party.


According to Alex’s father, Derek Nash, he verbally agreed that his son would be going to the birthday party, not knowing that his kids would be seeing their grandparents that day.

Well, when asked whether he would go to the party or see his grandparents, Alex chose to spend time with family and that’s where everything went wrong.

When Alex returned to school, they wanted to make things right, but instead everything got more complicated.

Derek explained:

“My partner looked out for [the friend’s mother] to apologise for Alex not showing up to the party, but didn’t see her. But on January 15 she looked in Alex’s school bag and found a brown envelope. It was an invoice for ├é┬ú15.95 for a child’s party no show fee.

I asked Alex’s class teacher if [the child’s mother] had given anything to her. She said, ├óΓé¼╦£Yes, a brown envelope’. I then visited Alex’s school headteacher, who couldn’t apologise enough that one of the teachers had passed this on. She said she would remind all staff that this was a breach of protocol.

I left the school and went to see [the birthday boy’s mother] as her address was on the invoice. When she answered the door I told her I had found the invoice in my son’s school bag and that I wasn’t happy about it. I told her I would not be paying her the money. I told her she should have spoken to me first and not put the invoice in my son’s school bag.

I would have sympathised with her about the cost of Alex not showing up, but I just can’t believe the way she has gone around it.”

It doesn’t end there, however!

Alex has said the boy refuses to play with him in class anymore AND the mother of the child has threatened to take them to the “small claims court” if they don’t pay her the money in a CRAZY Facebook conversation.

This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous!

What do YOU think about this situation? Are you hoping it’s a joke too?!?

Jan 19, 2015 3:17pm PDT

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