ICYMI: Saturday Night Live Makes Fun Of Justin Bieber’s Possibly Photoshopped Calvin Klein Ads & It’s The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day!

justin bieber yo my pee pees in there

Saturday Night Live hit the ball out of the park with this one!!

In case you were unaware, there’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Justin Bieber‘s recent Calvin Klein ads.

There are claims that his pubic hair was photoshopped, that his abs were photoshopped, and even that his bulge was either photoshopped or padded to make it look bigger!

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But Justin’s struggle ended up being SNL‘s gain this weekend when they decided to do a little skit about the pop prince’s campaign.

In the short, Kate McKinnon pretends to be Bieber and says outrageous things like:

“I’m a big boy now. This tattoo made me say ow-wee. I’m not supposed to drink, but…I do. Yo. My pee pee’s in there. Are my muscles cute? All this underwear is making me tired. My Calvins. Clothes for my big wiener.”

If that sounds hilarious to you, just WAIT until you watch Kate in action (below)!!

UPDATE: This spoof is Justin Bieber approved!

The 20-year-old tweeted:

Jan 19, 2015 12:08pm PDT

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