Here Are Two Things You WON’T Be Seeing In 50 Shades Of Grey! Are You Happy Or Sad About It?!

jamie dornans penis is not gonna be in 50 shades of grey

This is SO sad… yet also really good news?

As the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie creeps closer and closer, more details are being released and we just can’t get enough — even if some news isn’t too good of news!

Like what, you ask?

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Oh, well, first off (and what we already knew) is just that viewers won’t be seeing ANY full frontals of Jamie Dornan! UGH!

Christian Grey opened up to Variety and revealed:

“They were privy to everything, just not my manhood. [The cover is] like one of those little satchels that Robin Hood or someone of that era would have tied on to his belt. There’s no back. It’s tiny. I mean, it’s not tiny! Because it’s got to hold a lot.”

LOLOL! Don’t worry, Jamie. We’re sure the little satchel was the biggest, tiny cover you could have gotten!

So, what’s the other thing we won’t be seeing in the movie?

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One of the grossest, most infamous scenes from the books… you know which one we’re talking about.

…the tampon scene.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, the movie’s director, let the world know that it wasn’t ever considered during the planning for the film.

She said:

“It was never even discussed.”

Well, there you have it!

While we’re sad about Jamie’s manhood getting no screen time, we’re definitely happy that the tampon scene — where Christian yanks one out of Anastasia so his peen can enter — will be no where EVER in the movie or extras or anything!

What do YOU think? Are you happy/sad about this news? Will you be seeing 50 Shades of Grey on February 13th?

Jan 21, 2015 12:09pm PDT

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