Woman Visits Factory Filled With THOUSANDS Of Copies Of Her Vagina! Wait, WHAT?!

Get ready for the most NSFW factory tour of all time!

OK, so before we get started here there’s one little thing we have to get out of the way for those who may not be familiar with what a Fleshlight is…

FLESHLIGHT (flesh-light) noun: A sex toy targeted towards men, meant to simulate the feeling of a real woman’s vagina. Basically, a portable fake vagina men use to masturbate.

Now that we’ve gotten that tidbit out of the way, we’re sure you have PLENTY of questions! Like, is this a real thing? Or, do people actually use these? And, whose vagina is that based off of?

Well, to answer your questions, yes, yes, and erotic model Eufrat Mai!

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That’s right! This lovely porn star from the Czech Republic is the owner of the original vagina that started the Fleshlight craze, and last year she got a chance to visit the factory in Spain that creates these sex toys!

Normally we’d have to ask, isn’t it super awkward being a room that’s not only filled with copies of her vagina, but also tons of people who quite literally handle your lady bits on a day to day basis?!

Well that awkwardness was clearly lost on Eufrat who didn’t even blink twice when she was approached by men who admitted to trying her, um, product firsthand… How’s that for an icebreaker?!?!

Ch-ch-check out the odd factory tour (below)!

Jan 21, 2015 5:28pm PDT

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