WWE’s Triple H Breaks Character To Console Crying Fan!! Check Out The Moving Moment HERE!!

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This might just be the cutest thing to ever happen at a wrestling match!

When the WWE held a RAW event on Monday night, the last thing it probably expected was good publicity…

But that’s exactly what it got when super-villain Triple H surprisingly broke character to help console a crying child!

Triple H is the 45-year-old Executive Vice President of live events for the WWE and is also one of the sport’s greatest bad guys, so seeing him take the time to help a young fan is really special.

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Photos of the incident made their rounds on Twitter, and we’re so glad that even someone so notoriously mean has some good bones in his body!

It’s unclear why the kid was crying; maybe the John Cena-led match was too much for him, or maybe Triple H himself was just too scary, but whatever caused the tears was eventually absolved.

Plus, the child got a whole bunch of free swag afterwards, so it was a win-win situation all around!

[Image via Chris Olds/Twitter.]

Jan 21, 2015 9:41pm PDT

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